Dough Bowl Candles Are Here!

Dough Bowl Candles Are Here!

Dough Bowl Overload



Our pallets of dough bowls have arrived and I am overflowing with happiness! We are excited to begin sorting and filling these with fantastic-smelling soy candles. But first, we have to break down the pallets and store them.... in my living room. Yep, thats right! The delivery guy laughed when we said just drop the pallets in the driveway and we will take it from here. In hindsight, I should have backed the car out of the garage and had them drop it in the garage...but my fitness tracker was happy to get the extra steps for the day.



This is where these beautiful bowls ended up... my living room floor. Do you want to hear a funny story? Well here you go:

When we came up with the idea to create Cedar Mountain Candle, we were just a little tiny candle company making candles maybe once a week. It seemed like a great idea to convert a room UPSTAIRS to make these candles. Hindsight, wax comes in 50lb boxes and we get our supplies delivered by the pallet. So not only do we have to break down the pallets, bring them in the house...but carry them upstairs to the farthest room of the house to store. Then when the products are made and wholesale orders put together, we have to carry them back down the stairs to ship them out. Long story short, if you are looking to create a candle company... DO NOT put it upstairs. I am too far invested at this point to move and it is staying upstairs. The upside to this story is I am sure I have burned some mega calories carrying this stuff up and and down steps. So when we say we make each and every candle with LOVE, oh boy do we mean it! There is some serious love (and sweat equity) put into each candle!


After we got this shipment, we are back to shipping our wholesale orders within 5 business days. Retail orders are usually shipping same day. These soy candles pictured are just poured and waiting to set up. They will cure to a beautiful and creamy white candle.


Soy wax breaks down with soap and water. Simply wash your dough bowl once the candle has burned and reuse in your decor. These make great entry way bowls for keys and sunglasses!