3 Wick Dough Bowl Candle + Refill Kit Bundle

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Dive into the joy of candle crafting and sustainable living with Cedar Mountain Candle's Rustic Natural Dough Bowl Candle and Refill Kit Bundle. This whimsical duo not only infuses your space with affordable luxury but also turns candle-making into a fun, eco-conscious experience. After enjoying the warm glow of our 3-Wick Dough Bowl Candle, repurpose the rustic bowl with our refill kit. Packed with scented wax, wicks, and easy instructions, it ensures a seamless transition from burning to crafting. Unleash your creativity, reduce waste, and embrace sustainability—all at a wallet-friendly price. Explore the delight of DIY candle making with Cedar Mountain Candle.

HOW TO USE REFILL KITS: https://cedarmountaincandle.com/pages/candle-refill-kit-faq