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Looking for samples for your store?  Do you love wax melts and just want to smell EVERYTHING?  We are happy to offer these sample sets.  We offer 4 different collections currently in our sample set collection.  Scents are not interchangeable and sold as a package.  

Each collection comes with 8 boxes of 2oz wax melts.  


Winter/Holiday Collection Includes: Wassail, Peppermint Bark, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Vanilla Bean Noel, Christmas Hearth, Cinnamon & Clove Bud, Farmhouse Christmas, Spiced Cranberry Apple

Fall Collection Includes: Apple Maple Bourbon, Fraser Fir, Flannel, Blackberry Bourbon, Pumpkin Souffle, Blueberry Pumpkin, Aspen Leaves, Blackberry Ginger

Fruity/Floral Collection Includes: Lavender, Lavender & Spring Apricot, White Peach Meringue, Lemon Pound Cake, Fruit Loops, Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Mango & Coconut Milk, Jamaican Me Crazy

Clean & Fresh Collection Includes:Cascading Waterfall, Sea Salt & Orchid, Beach Linen, Vegas Desert Bloom, Bamboo & Coconut, Green Clover and Aloe, Blackberry Sage, Riverside

Strong & Bold Collection Includes: Mahogany & Teakwood, Whiskey & Coffee, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Volcano, Vanilla Bean Nectarine, Chamomile & Honey, Red Rock, Mediterranean Fig