Shipping Update

Due to heat and high temperatures in Las Vegas, all orders will ship Mon-Wed only until further notice. Thank you.

All of Cedar Mountain Candle's products from vegan soy dough bowl candles and farmhouse mason jar candles to all natural skincare bar soaps and bath bombs and room sprays and diffusers
list of benefits of Cedar Mountain Candle soy candles and all natural bath and body skincare products

Scent of the Month

Pumpkin Soufflé is 10% OFF with code "Pumpkin"

hand made natural bar soaps free of chemicals and toxins by Cedar Mountain Candle
Beaded round pottery bowl soy candle by Cedar Mountain Candle

To Be Discontinued...

We are making space for new products. The following is a list of scents & products to be discontinued once sold out.

All pottery candles, 7 wick dough bowls, 6.5 oz mason jars, 3 wick light wood dough bowls

Scents to be discontinued: Blueberry Pumpkin, Vanilla Bean Nectarine, Mediterranean Fig, Orange Blossom, Ethereal Waters, Caramel Apple Cider, Lemon Citronella, Beach Linen, Warm Country Pear