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Holidays are in Bloom! Flower Diffusers are 20% OFF!

Holidays are in Bloom! Flower Diffusers are 20% OFF!

We are half way through 12 Days of Christmas! On the sixth day of Christmas, Cedar Mountain Candle is giving you...

20% OFF all sola wood diffusers with code "Diffuser" at checkout.

Diffusers are a great gift idea for anyone who doesn't like burning candles in their home or simple can't burn candles because they have pets and small children.

Our diffusers are not only long lasting - up to three months - but they look like a little flower bouquet in a glass vase. Each diffuser comes with six natural reeds and four flowers. Each flower is is handmade from sola wood. 

Don't miss the chance to grab these as gifts for your friends and family! 

Cedar Mountain Candle products are 100% soy wax, vegan, toxin free, chemical free, clean burning, cruelty free. All of our vessels can be recycled and repurposed after candle is done burning. 


With love,

Cedar Mountain Candle