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Valentines Day Gift Guide with Cedar Mountain Candle

Valentines Day Gift Guide with Cedar Mountain Candle

Don't know what to buy that special someone for Valentine's Day? Here is our Valentine's Day gift guide that is suitable for not only candle lovers, but for anyone who you would like to make happy with a simple "Thank you" and a gift of appreciation. 


1. Whiskey Glass Jar Candles 

We have a special collection of Valentine's Day labels designed just for our whiskey glass jar candles with cute Valentine's Day sayings. You can choose your scent and really make the candle special to whoever is receiving it. 

Because spring is coming we thought you'd enjoy our spring and summer scents the most, but if you can't find a scent in the spring and summer collection suitable for your valentine, then just browse through ALL of our collections! We have more than 50 scents to choose from. 


2. Heart Dough Bowl Candles

It's Valentine's Day and everything is heart-shaped. Of course we have a heart-shaped dough bowl! And we fill it with the most beautiful essential oil infused soy wax! These bowls are HUGE! Holding 30 oz of wax, they're approximately 12 in x 12 in x 3 in in size! They are hand-carved from mango wood. Each one is unique and has it's own charm. 


 3. Mini Mason Jar Candle Gift Sets

Gift sets are perfect if you are not sure what scent to get your Valentine. We have three gift boxes that we curated especially for Valentine's Day.

The Spa mini candle gift set is a 4-pack of our best selling fresh and clean scents.

The Fruity & Floral mini candle set is also a 4-pack with our bestselling fruity and floral scents. 

Our Deluxe mini candle set is very special. It's an 8-pack and it is the combination of the Spa and the Fruity & Floral gift sets. So, you get all eight mini candles in one. 


4. Sola Wood Flower Natural Reed Diffusers

Diffusers are just a wonderful option for anyone looking to permeate fragrance through their home without burning a candle. Our diffusers are made with sola wood flowers that add a modern farmhouse look and they look like a bouquet of flowers, so you're actually killing two birds with one stone here. You're welcome!


5. Wax Melts 

You can't go wrong with a the gift of a wax melt. Wax melts don't have wicks. Rather they are heated in a tealight or electric wax burner. They are super inexpensive and our Cedar Mountain Candle wax melts in particular look like Kit Kat bars, so you're buying a candy bar and a gift at the same time. Again, you're so welcome! 

There you have it. Our Valentines' Day gift guide is affordable and beautifully smelling, and we are sure that your Valentine will love you even more! Make a best friend smile or cozy up under the blankets with your partner with beautiful fragrance permeating in the space around you. 
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