Candle Refill Kit FAQs

Candle Refill Kits Frequently Asked Questions


Video: How to Use Cedar Mountain Candle Refill Kits

How to do I clean my vessel? 

Heat vessel in oven at 180 degrees to melt the wax. Dump melted wax in trash. Pop out the the wicks with a spoon. Wash with soap & water.  Make sure all residue of wax and glue is removed.  Allow vessel to try.  

How far apart do I put my wicks?

Wicks need to be placed at least an inch from the edge of the dough bowl. Wicks need to be spaced at least an inch apart as well. Wicks placed too close together can generate too much heat and will not burn the candle correctly or allow the edges of the candle to reach a melt pool.   

What happens after 2 minutes and my wax still is not melted? 

 Everyone’s microwave is different.  You can keep melting the wax in 15-20 second bursts until the wax is completely melted and transparent (the wax has a clear appearance).  DO NOT BOIL. This will ruin the wax and fragrance.  

What happens if my wicks do not stick? 

Any vessel has to be completely clean & free of wax.  Any slight residue left behind will keep the wick from sticking.  If this happens, you can use hot glue to secure your wicks.  

Why is my candle chalky on top? 

Our soy wax is 100% natural.  Because we do not add any additional ingredients to make the wax behave properly, it may create a frosted or chalky appearance on the top of the candle.  This is natural of soy wax when the appropriate temperature wasn’t achieved when melting the wax.  If your wax was not completely melted or if it was overheated, it may cause the wax to change the appearance.  The candle is perfectly fine and will still burn correctly. 

Can I refill other type of vessels? 

We do not recommend wicking any other type of candle vessels.  Our bowls have been treated specifically for candle use.  We can not certify the use of any other bowls.  If you choose to do so, please note Cedar Mountain Candle is not liable for those created products. 

How long does it take for my candle to be ready to burn

A soy candle will continue to form its molecular chain (this is continuing to happen after the candle has hardened) for about a couple of days.  You can burn the candle after 24 hours.  Burning the candle prior to 24 hours can significantly shorten the lifecycle of the candle.  Waiting for 48 hours to burn will ensure a better candle burning experience.  

Is the refill kit microwave safe? 

Only put the refill kit in the microwave AFTER you have removed the wicks from the top of the container.  Wicks have a metal base, which are not microwave safe.   The remaining packaging and contents are microwave safe.