Arrow Tree Ceramic Pot Planter Soy Candle

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Introducing the Arrow Tree Ceramic Pot Planter Soy Candle by Cedar Mountain Candle - where eco-friendly elegance meets pure serenity. Elevate your space with this exquisite candle, handcrafted to perfection, and designed to create a harmonious ambiance in your home.

Sustainable Luxury: Crafted with love and care, our Ceramic Pot Planter Soy Candle is a testament to our commitment to the environment. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and toxin-free, ensuring that you can enjoy the soothing glow without compromise.

Pure Soy Wax Magic: Our candles are made with 100% soy wax sourced from the heart of the United States. This means cleaner, longer-lasting burns that infuse your space with a delightful, toxin-free fragrance.

Arrow Tree Design: Inspired by the beauty of nature, our Arrow Tree Ceramic Pot Planter Candle boasts an exquisite design that effortlessly blends with any decor. 

Reusable Ceramic Planter: Once your candle has burned its last flicker, repurpose the beautiful ceramic planter as a charming addition to your indoor garden or home decor.

Experience the harmony of sustainable luxury with Cedar Mountain Candle. Shop now and transform your space with the Arrow Tree Ceramic Pot Planter Soy Candle. Your sanctuary awaits! 

Candle Info: 

  • Size: 7 oz | 3.25 in x 3.25 in x 2.75 in
  • Burn Time: 20-30 hrs
  • Wick: 100% cotton (lead + zinc free)
  • Wax: 100% organic soy wax, vegan, non-GMO, made in USA
  • Premium Fragrance Oil
  • Gluten free, phthalate free, non-toxic, cruelty-free
  • Made in Las Vegas, NV

Shipping & Processing Information:

Approx. order processing time: 1-3 business days

Candle Care: 

  • Always trim wick to 1/4" before lighting candle each time to avoid soot
  • Burn candle so wax pool reaches the edge of the vessel each time to avoid wax tunneling
  • Burn candle 4 hours at a time 
  • Keep candle away from fans, open windows, hot surfaces, children, pets
  • Never leave a burning candle unintended